Last week I attended an introduction to kanban course taught by Brendan Wovchko and I’ve got to say, I quite enjoyed it.

The intro class mainly covered Proto-Kanban, a smaller version of the development process that serves as a capstone for an already in place process. It’s mainly for visualizing the process. It entails the use of a board with cards. Each card symbolizes a task that needs to be completed. These tasks are then in turn moved from column to column. Usually the first column is something like “ToDo” or “Backlog”. The next phases can be as generic a single “Doing” column or as detailed as multiple columns of “Design”, “Development”, and “Testing”. The final column is always some version of “Done.”

I’ve adapted personal kanban to help organize my projects and todos. It’s helped to bing some form of order to my previously chaotic work process.

I also developed a chrome extension today called “Is the Force Awake?” It tells you if Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So you know, that only makes it the most important app ever!

All joking aside, it was a fun little project. I made it using jquery and momentjs. I plan on adding an animation to it that makes the Death Star fire up as it gets closer to the premiere day. We’ll see how that goes.