Ever since I saw Bryan Hunter’s talk on Elixir earlier this year at the Nash.rb meetup I have had an intense desire to check it out but I held off on it to concentrate on Ruby and JavaScript. Now that I have finished NSS I feel I’m in a good place to pick up Elixir. Also it’s Fourth of July weekend and coding with a beer is my way of celebrating!

I am starting with the Mix and OTP guide on elixir-lang.org. It’s seems pretty good and is very understandable. So far everything seems very similar to ruby, which I like. I am going to hold off on touching the Phoenix framework until I have a grasp on the Elixir language itself.

I don’t think that learning any of the popular tools for Elixir will be particularly difficult. Awesome-elixir is an awesome (see what I did there) resource for learning elixir tools.

If anyone wants to hack on an Elixir project or just talk about functional programming in general feel free to hit me up!